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E-2, Treaty Investor Visa

The E2 treaty investor visa is a non-immigrant visa, available to foreign nationals from countries which have a bilateral investment, commerce and navigation treaty with the United States. Such countries include: Pakistan, Argentina, Armenia, Morocco, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Iran, Greece, Philippines, Jordan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and many more. An E-2 visa is granted for 2 years and can be renewed indefinitely.

Individuals who qualify must make a substantial investment in a new or existing U.S. company. They are also required to come to the U.S. to develop and direct the operations of the enterprise in which they have invested. At a minimum, the applicant/foreign national must own 50% or more in the same company.

Visas are issued for mostly all types of business enterprises, including convenience stores, motels, property management companies, gift shops, food franchises.

With an E-2 visa, you along with your spouse and any children under 21 years of age may come and stay temporarily in the U.S. Additional benefits include working in the United States for the same U.S. company that is the subject of the investment. Also, your spouse can work once he/she files for and obtains work authorization. This visa will allow you to travel in and out of the country as long as you maintain a valid E-2 visa.

For foreign nationals already in the U.S., this may be good visa option for those with a status as B-1/B-2 visitor visa and F-1 student visas who are looking to change their status without having to return back to their home country.