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To qualify, one must invest $1 million, or in certain circumstance $500,000, in a new commercial enterprise that employs full-time 10 workers, and also be employed in a daily management or policy formation role. If approved, one will become a Legal Permanent Resident, subject to the 2 year conditional residency period.

The investment can be completed through the Basic Program (refer to the requirements below) or Regional Center Pilot Program.

EB-5 eligibility requirements:

  • The capital investment is in a new commercial enterprise;
  • The investment capital was obtained by the alien through lawful means;
  • The required amount of capital has been fully committed to the new commercial enterprise;
  • The new commercial enterprise will create not fewer than 10 full-time positions;
  • The alien investor will be engaged in the management of the new commercial enterprise.

Regional Center Pilot Program
This program allows for the investor to invest through the assistance of a regional center as opposed to investing in a new commercial enterprise. There are over 20 government approved regional centers throughout the United States, that invest in projects such as commercial centers, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, stadiums, etc.
If the investor decides to go through a regional center, the rules regarding job creation are much more relaxed because the centers themselves will be responsible for indirect job creation.