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EB1-3, Executive/Manager

EB1-3 immigrant status is designated for multinational executives and managers who have worked aboard for at least one year as an executive or manager for an international company.  They must be coming to the U.S. to work for the same company in a managerial or executive position.

There is no requirement to complete a labor certification.  However, the U.S. business needs to be in existence for at least one year before filling the petition.

The type of evidence required includes a statement from U.S. employer concerning the person’s employment with the company in one of the past three years and that U.S. employer has been doing business for one year.  The employer must also provide a job offer letter describing the duties of the position and the capacity in which the person will be employed.  Furthermore, documentation showing the company abroad is operating must be submitted.  Most importantly you must show that the company is an active, conducting substantial business and truly needs an executive or manager.