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Our firm also handles Naturalization applications. We determine your eligibility for naturalization and prepare the necessary application and forms along with gathering the supporting documents in a timely and professional manner.

Why Naturalize?
As a U.S permanent resident, there are a number of reasons to apply for citizenship now. There has been an increasing scrutiny of immigration documents of non-citizens by immigration officials and local,state and federal law enforcement. Also,there are many rights only available to U.S. citizens, such as voting, jury service and certain federal and state employment opportunities. A U.S. citizen can enjoy the freedom of travel for any period of time,while a lawful permanent resident (LPR) traveling outside of the country for more than six months results in higher scrutiny by USCIS.

Are You Eligible?

lawbookMany foreign nationals wait for years to become eligible for citizenship. They are eager to apply for their U.S. passport, making traveling much easier and less restrictive. There are a number of benefits to becoming a U.S. citizen, some of which include having the right to vote, running for public office, and applying for a Green Card for certain family members. So what are the general requirements for filing your naturalization application? Are there any exemptions or waivers available?

If you meet the following requirements, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship (some exceptions may apply):

  • A lawfully admitted legal permanent resident;
  • At least 18 years old at the time of filing the application;
  • Must have met certain residency related requirements including, continuous residency, physical residency and time in district or state;
    • Generally, the applicant must have been physically present in the United States for at least 30 months during the last five years (or 18 months during the last three years, if married to a U.S. citizen),
  • Must be a person of good moral character; and
    • This element consider if you have ever committed a crime. There are certain permanent bars, which may prevent you from ever becoming a citizen, as well as temporary bars which may prevent you from applying until a specified time period. It is worth mentioning, that not all crimes or convictions will preclude a finding of good moral character.
  • Basic English literacy and knowledge of history and government requirements (exceptions discussed below).

Some applicants that are physically unable to learn to speak, read or write due to permanent medical disability may be eligible for a medical waiver (completed and signed by the applicant’s physician) which is best filed along with the naturalization applicant. This correlates with the intent of Congress which was to provide a general waiver of testing requirements for persons of any age who could not reasonably be expected to pass a citizenship test because of a permanent physical or developmental disability or permanent mental impairment.

On the other hand, individuals over the age of 50 years and having lived in the U.S. for 20 years as a legal permanent resident, or those over the age of 55 years and having lived in the U.S. for 15 years as legal permanent resident are eligible from an exemption from the English language requirement. In addition, an alien who is over 65 years and has been a permanent resident for more than 20 years can receive “special consideration” concerning the civics knowledge requirement.