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When it comes to different types of Visas, you can never know too much. One of the main reasons why people have trouble getting Visas is because they aren’t educated about the requirements and steps it takes to get one. One type of Visa that people can apply for is the EB5 Employment Creation & Investment Visa. This is for any immigrant investors who wish to invest a sum of money inside of the United States. This kind of Visa was originally created by the Immigration Act of 1990 and still allows foreigners to get a green card in order for them to do their investing.

This type of a visa is a little harder to get than say the E-2 visas. Reason being, in order to qualify for this type of visa you will need to invest over $500,000 and have the ability to create at least ten new jobs for people. This type of visa is granted because the overall objective is to increase economic activity and to also grant people more jobs. In return of the economic contribution, eligible aliens will be granted the opportunity to become residents.

With an EB5 Employment Creation & Investment Visa, the initial investment of $500,000 can only be taken by a Regional Center. These regional centers are defined as specific economic units and have the economic growth of the country in mind. They can be either private or public and can deal with domestic investing of capital as well as creating jobs. The regulations around the investments and the regional centers has changed over the years and no longer do they require that the investment made create an increase in export sales. Not only that, under the law, the person making the investment doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that is going to manage the business. As long as the investor is a limited partner in the business they would qualify for this visa.

The EB-5 is the best option for people that either have one million dollars to invest or can invest half a million into areas that have low unemployment. If you fall into this category then you might want to get the help of an immigration lawyer to go over the details of the investment and make sure that you are going about it the right way. This can ensure that your business endeavors run smoothly and don’t run into any potential problems along the way.

About the Author: Attorney Rizvi is a Houston immigration lawyer. She provides legal assistance in a variety a fields, including immigration & nationality law, wills & estate planning and business transactions. For more information please visit